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Lamentations and joys taken from a religious nutcase who tried to sleep himself to death in his one-flat apartment. He seems to have taken inspiration from the biblical Psalms, but rather create psalms, he created paragraphs of prose disguised as didactic verses. This is a book full of complaints, from a man who perceives not much reason to live and not much reason to die, yet, he perceives God, or so tries. Nonetheless, for my own sanity, these works were transcribed.

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Typing in her hospital bed, a mute girl with lame legs recalls an incident with her friend, that of a probably doomed romance, and a terrible desire left unfulfilled. Despite her friend's ill-fated profession, she awaits his return.

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Marching through a swamp, a courier has a delivery for a runaway noble lady.

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A Constable's complaints, and short adventure of tracking down a witch in the forest

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A shelf containing the written works of God's saints. Even past their deaths, they intercede, pray, and evangelize. Today. Today! Today! says the Son of God to the crucified thief. Today you will be with me in Paradise! By the Word of God, anyone fortunate enough to hear such words may be pleased to know that they may help Him in His work right up to the resurrection. They aren't dead after death, but alive in Paradise with the Son of God. Pray, may we all be fortunate enough to pass through the same gate as the authors found on this shelf.

An excellent catalogue of eucharistic miracles, sorted by country of origin spanning over the millenia since Christ passed. Usually, the case is is that the flesh of God, distributed as bread during mass, becomes more obviously flesh. If one desires to see how modern instruments have confirmed the human nature of the host which all man is invited to eat, then click on the exhibit listed under Argentina for Buenos Aires.

The autobiography of a Christian Mystic, circa some time before 1567 and some time after the Luther's Theses. The Saint manages to fit a treatise on prayer starting at Chapter 11, explaining with great instruction on how one may acquire virtue, invite the presence of God in their life, and avoid the whispering snares of evil spirits who try fool honest seekers by masquerading as God. I'll confess, that I've skipped to this part to begin with rather than read the work from beginning, but for the manner in which these chapters are written, they have served me well as a proper work which may be read seperate from her life.

Now, there is a saying about "real-life heroes." Reading works like this, I've come to understand that there are days when one has to put down the fiction, and observe the art that God has already made out of our lives. Granted, many of our tales are still in progress, but reading the lives of those who have risen out of darkness offers a hope which I've found can not be substituted by the fictional tales of man's imaginary characters.

Autobiography of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, the order which our current Pope Francis hails from. He desires to become a saint after getting hit in the ribs with a cannonball. A short work, I found the beginning most interesting. Since the book was written during the middle of St. Ignatius's life, there are no better end to this thing. It hits a middle life filler arc, which is still interesting, but probably is only of interest to those who want to know how to keep good habits already established.

An excellent prayer manual. Contains details on miracles, and what one may hope to receive when praying our Mother Mary's Psalter. Personally, after taking the recommendations of this book, I smelt roses in my room which for all my life has only stunk like dog. But then again, I don't often smell roses, so I can only say that I smelt something flowery.

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